You probably don't know this collection of resorts dear reader. The Gurgls are for the most part popular with European skiers, and to now relatively unknown in many parts of the world. Well, if information did not reach wherever you are before, you obviously discovered it now. Now that you have this information you would do well to pay it some attention. For if you are thinking of coming to Europe to ski, you should give "The Gurgls" somewhat more than a passing glance.This would be especially sound advice if one is looking, not for a ski vacation where the rest of the world goes, but one that is uniquely Austrian and truly European. The above nationalities in fact make up the bulk of the visiting skiing audience and lend much to their European flavour.

Although not a glacier ski area, this collection of Austrian resorts has one of the longest and most consistent ski seasons in the alps. Small wonder, when one considers that the highest of the Gurgl resorts, Hochgurgl, can boast its village center to an altitude of over 2,000 meters, and the others are not too much lower.

Obergurgl has the reputation of being a resort for the "well healed" among us, but with only 3,700 beds available, that is not too surprising. This is a classical case of the demand outstripping supply.

For a small village, Obergurgl has a surprisingly active night scene, most of which takes place in various hotel bars.

As there are so few hotel beds, and as "The Gurgls" are considered too inaccessible for most weekend skiers, lift lines are almost non existent. There are ample trails for cross country skiers, with snowboarders catered for as well.

The Gurgls share the Oetz Valley with Solden, Hochsolden and Vent, but they are not connected by one all encompassing lift pass. Shame, that. There is no summer skiing in The Gurgls, but if that is an absolute must for you there is a glacier at Solden. Otherwise you will just have to be content with fresh air and alpine beauty.

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